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Radiologist-Assistant Tool for

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Diagnosis

With Artificial Intelligence

In Chest CT Scans

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What is ai-corona?

ai-corona is a radiologist-assistant online platform for COVID-19 diagnosis in chest CT scans with artificial intelligence.

Medical and radiology professionals will be able to upload spiral chest CT scans and have it diagnosed for COVID-19 infection within seconds!

How does it work?

ai-corona is a deep learning model that has learned to detect and find the presence of COVID-19 in chest CT scans.

Our deep learning model was trained and tested using a comprehensive and accurate dataset of hundreds of confirmed COVID-19 infected and normal cases.

Is it reliable?

ai-corona has been vigorously evaluated and tested by a team of top-grade medical and radiology professionals.

An amazing team of top-grade medical and radiology professionals also review each new uploaded scan as soon as possible for the final diagnosis!

Read our paper's pre-print in medRxiv.

ai-corona has received the ethical licence of IR.SBMU.NRITLD.REC.1399.024 from the Iranian National Committee for Ethics in Biomedical Research.

How To Use?


STEP 1. Create an account.

STEP 2. Upload a chest CT scan in DICOM format.

STEP 3. Have it diagnosed by ai-corona immidietly.

STEP 4. Have it diagnosed by an expert as soon as possible.